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Nitrogen Liquefier Working principle
发表于:2018-11-09 11:39:11

          Nitrogen Liquefier Working principle

Mixed-refrigerant Joule-Thomson (MRJT) refrigeratorat low temperature rangesdriven by single compressor with precooling is applied to liquefy nitrogen(-180) for Nitrogen Liquefierfrom TIPC, CAS. MRJT, aJoule-Thomson cycle based on reoccupation and multicomponent mixed-refrigerants through optimizing various refrigerants with different boiling points with a good match along with their respective efficient refrigeration temperature ranges, is an efficient refrigerator for the temperature range from -40 to -196. The feature of this product is as following: the available mature commercial compressors and heat exchanges, high liquefaction efficiency, high reliability, no maintenance and long life.


1.       Flow diagram


小液氮流程图Flow diagram for nitrogen liquefier.png


Figure 1. Flow diagram for nitrogen liquefier from TIPC


2.       Applicationfields

1Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)industry

2Cryogenic freezer-40~-186℃)

3Environment test facility


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