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Oxygenated Vehicle for Aircraft Brief of Nitrogen filling vehicle Brief of Air Car(Cooling Car)

Oxygenated Vehicle for Aircraft

The oxygenated vehicle is mainly charged with the aeronautical oxygen produced by the surface equipment, and is charged into the vehicle gas cylinder group to transport and convert into the storage system of aircraft and other airplane. The rated discharge pressure of the equipment is 35MPa, which is mainly composed of 7 parts, such as diaphragm compressor, gas cylinder group, trachea control system, electric control system, power transmission system, car and automobile chassis.

When the pneumatic equipment works, the power of the automobile engine is used to drive the diaphragm compressor through the transmission device (using the crank slider), and the electrical control system uses two sets of circuit, computer protection circuit and conventional protection circuit, which have the functions of detection, display, alarm, disorderly close-down and so on。  When there is a fire in the compressor compartment of the oxygen filling equipment, the diaphragm compressor will stop automatically, and an electronic control box or manual mode is used to give an electronic control signal to the fully submerged EBM extinguisher。 The fire extinguisher is automatically sprinkled by the EBM extinguisher, and the gas source is automatically cut off and the safety protection is realized


Oxygenated Vehicle Parameter

O2 Cylinders Volume: 40L

O2 Cylinders Rated Working Pressure:  35Mpa

Cylinders Qtty: 15pcs

External pressure of gas supply:        ① 3  MPa     ② 15  MPa                                   ③ 23 MPa      ④ 25  MPa

Gas supply Quality

Dew Point: ≤ -63 ℃

Solid Pellets: ≯ 100μm

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